What Our Guests Say

"Thank you for the trip of a lifetime! Your hospitality was awesome and you really know your way around the lake. I highly recommend your place to anyone looking for freshwater fishing experience of a lifetime."

- guest, Baltimore MD

"15 trips to Canada - most fish by far!!! Fantastic fishing."

- guest, Omaha NE

"Grand Slam Lodge just keeps getting better and better and better! This place is magical!"

- Steve Fisher

"50 fish in our boat on the first day! This is the most wonderful place I have ever been to in my life!"

- David Fried

Ger from Holland Shore Lunch sunrise

"23 years of unbelievable fishing, and this year was the best ever! 48" Pike, 16 lb. Trout and so many Walleye I lost count!"

- Averill M. Kronick

"Great cabins, boats and motors that get you to the hot spots and guides that know where they live, I love this place!"

- Wayne Nispel

"I’ve fished a lot of "big time" lodges, but none come close to the fishing you find at Grand Slam Lodge!"

- John Serena

"World-class fishing and you can drive to their door! What more can you ask for?"

- Randy Johnson